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Dear Sweet Harry |

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Harry Styles - The Letter

Apr 04, Sienna rated it really liked it Shelves: Mata Hari and Harry Houdini. Collective history. Personal history. Short-wave radios. Another Harry, not as famous. Pink light. I love that Lynn Jenner throws readers into the deep end right at the beginning and watches us tread word-water until, suddenly, magically, it buoys us up. Themes persist and connections between them emerge and you'll want to read them aloud, these little moments of beauty. Here are my favorites. They glow. About this time I remember wondering whether this obsession had chosen me or I had chosen it, how large it would become and whether there would be any natural limits on its growth.

At some point I became indifferent to its magnitude and relished instead its minor notes. There is a room with a wooden floor. There is an Army Doctor and a table. My great-uncle Bertie walks towards this table. He does not feel Duty , as the other men say they do. He feels [a Yiddish word] which translates literally as Gratitude-for-having-been- allowed-a-place-to-live. When I had a son in his early teens a Russian thought formed in my head that if a war came I would cut off the index finger of his right hand so that he would be no use for fighting.

The part of me which visits hospitals would do the cutting. I wouldn't care if he hated me for what I did. I might even be pleased. By this time I knew that he was nearly a man, and that if I didn't cut his finger off or shoot him in the foot, he would go. Even if he was afraid.


Even if he thought it was pointless. Now he is a man and I ask him to carry my suitcase.

After her divorce, she took the name Mata Hari She must be alone, and shine because of that. She must retain memory of the sun at night.

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She must lean only on herself, and never falter. She must contain the motion of a wave.

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She must hang from high places, deaf to the softness and weight of a sound like a sack landing on the ground. She must linger in white hotels. When I say the word train, I mean engines, carriages, and freight cars, a snake on the high hill, a zip of lights from carriage windows, the stripey arm and the ting ting ting of crossings; the slow toooot of a goods train in places where none goes now.

When I say the word train I mean a triumph of feeling.