Death Explained: A Ghost Hunters Guide to the Afterlife

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  1. Do you believe in ghosts?
  2. Ghosts in the Ancient World
  3. Theresa Argie
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  5. Why those TV ghost-hunting shows are fake

No source of origin could be found for the strange viscous fluid.

Samples of the substance was sent to a lab where it was determined to be male human blood plasma. September — Conrad and the team returned to the San Pedro house after receiving a frantic call from Hernandez. The activity was reaching a crescendo and Hernandez was in fear for her life.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Jeff Wheatcraft hesitantly went upstairs to the attic to take photographs with fellow photographer Gary Boehm aka Gary Biehm. Hernandez, Conrad, and neighbor Susan Castaneda anxiously waited downstairs. Within seconds they were startled by a loud painful moan coming from above. Suddenly and without warning, Wheatcraft fell victim to a powerful paranormal force.

Within seconds of entering the attic, something unseen wrapped a clothesline around his neck, lifted his body over the rafters, and secured the rope to a nail essentially hanging him. Amazingly, Gary Boehm snapped several pictures at the exact moment of the attack. These photographs are some of the most compelling pieces of visual phenomenon I have ever seen.

Boehm rushed to loosen the rope, bending the nail in the process. Shaken, pale, and utterly confused, the pair quickly joined the team downstairs. If Boehm had not been in the attic at the time, Wheatcraft believes he would have surely died. The rope burns around his neck showed the aggressiveness and the severity of the attack.

It was later determined that the rope was tied in a nautical bowline knot, used commonly by seaman working the San Pedro docks. Jackie Hernandez felt the haunting was becoming more and more dangerous. She moved out of the Bungalow shorty after the incident. It soon became apparent that the source of the activity was not tethered to the property itself. She relocated to Walden, California, but the paranormal still plagued the young single mother who was on the verge of a complete mental break. Hernandez was alone, fighting a powerful force she did not understand.

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She called the only people who seemed to believe her deadly plight. Apprehensively, the investigative team made their way to Walden, determined to finally get to the bottom of the haunting. Conrad, Wheatcraft, Hernandez, and a neighbor tried to communicate with the entity during a seance. The used a ouija board as a means to connect with the spirits.

Sitting around a table in a storage shed with their finger on the planchette, the investigators began asking questions. A camera crew attempted to film the session. The answers received from the board seemed to indicate that the spirit was that of a murdered dock worker from San Pedro. After ending the communication session, the spirit once again attacked Jeff Wheatcraft. Witnesses claim he was suddenly pulled from his seat, levitated in mid-air, and violently thrusted backwards against the wall of the storage shed.

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Unfortunately, the cameras that were recording the event all malfunctioned at the exact time. Jackie Hernandez suffered with the haunting for more than three years, but the scars left on her soul remain forever. Jeff Wheatcraft was never the same after the San Pedro haunting. Besides being attacked by a ghost, he was attacked by droves of non-believers and skeptics who accused him and the team of faking the entire series of events.

It is possible that this and the Culver City case were nothing but elaborate hoaxes. Possible, but not probable. Something strange was going on. Something out of the normal.

Ghosts in the Ancient World

By definition, something paranormal. There were numerous eyewitnesses to each occurrence as well as an unprecedented amount of recorded data. The film footage and photographs are considered some of the best evidence of the paranormal ever captured. Barry Taft devoted his life to studying this and other extreme haunting cases. Like the Entity Case, he believes that there is something much more complex at work.

Theresa Argie

Taff believed that Jackie Hernandez and Doris Bither were causing the poltergeist activity. They were the agents, the source of the energy that turned their world upside-down. Their unconscious minds were running amuck, emitting so much power that objects could be manipulated physically and audio phenomenon created out of thin air. Jeff Wheatcraft became the victim of this power for reasons only Jackie Hernandez could know. She had the ability to create a devastating and possibly deadly force from within. Similar to poltergeist phenomenon, RSPK needs an agent.

Taft believes it is internal, emanating from some powerful portion of our subconscious. Unless we are our own ghosts. My personal opinion is that RSPK could possibly account for some of what was happening in the both cases, but not all of it. There are more than a few holes in that theory. What happened in San Pedro and Culver City is not cut and dry. I think the incidents have more in common with extreme hauntings than just poltergeist activity or RSPK. According to many paranormal experts, Jackie Hernandez nor Doris Bither were the typical poltergeist agent, which is usually a teenager or sometimes an older women going through menopause.

There were things reported that, to me, point to an angry human spirit, or possible an inhuman energy with an agenda of chaos and destruction. Why would a woman, consciously or unconsciously, put her children in danger, right in the line of fire so to speak?


Why would she target a stranger or manifest apparitions resembling humans? Scientific and paranormal experts have studied the cases and may have a better understanding of the details than someone like me who is drawing conclusions from reports and evidence some 25 years after the fact. But I know it would be remiss to completely rule out the possibility of a more traditional, yet just as terrifying cause in extreme cases such as this.

When ghosts attack they do so for a reason. Jackie Hernandez was not a random victim. Jeff Wheatcliff certainly was not just someone in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes the paranormal has to be experienced to be believed.

Why those TV ghost-hunting shows are fake

The more severe the account, the harder it is for others to accept. I cannot accept the idea that I was the source, the essence of energy that powered the activity. The human mind is complex and there is much to learn about its power. Science may some day have a better understanding of the intricacies at work inside our brains. But I cannot dismiss the idea that our consciousness can sometimes survive after death.

Are ghosts the cause of all paranormal activity? Probably not. Maybe the most frightening thing is not the spirit that haunts our house, but the entity from within. How do we fight the ghost inside us?

Ghost Hunters: Civil War Hospital Haunted by Wounded Soldiers (Season 1) - A&E

Is it completely out of our control? How do we stop haunting ourselves?

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